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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Because Nothing Says "I Love You" like "Let's do Laundry Together"

So my better, smarter, and more rational half came back from a weeklong business trip yesterday, and as noted previously, we immediately went out to celebrate my friends' passing the bar. This evening (after I finish studying) we're taking the junior family members to a volleyball game. Clearly, my husband and I are not spending a lot of time together which doesn't involve other people competing for our attention.

This morning as we were getting set to go our separate directions I made the comment that I would like to spend some time with him this weekend too. His reply? "That would be nice. We could do some laundry." Although I recognize the need for clean clothes, somehow that's not exactly what I had in mind. {sigh}

Maybe after that you could could work as a team, like one gets to run the vacuum and the other one makes sure the lines on the carpet are perfectly straight. w00T for date night!
Hundreds of passionate, enduring relationships begin in laundromats. So, as you stare transfixed by the spinning dryer, remember for a minute that you are connected with not only everyone in the universe, but also intimately at one with all those impassioned lovers whose romances began over a bottle of liquid Cheer rather than a vintage Cabernet Sauvignon.
Dear Quandry (or should I say "Sally")-

Despite my better judgement, I'm getting dragged into this blogger world. Frankly, at this point in my life, sharing the simple, quotidian details of life with one's beloved is among the most joyful things I can imagine. Have yopu ever read the poetry of Gerard Manly Hopkins? He's probably my favorite poet. Two of my favorites, "God's Granduer" and "Pied Beauty," to my way of thinking, celebrate just the sorts of "small pleasures" you and "Dogbert" enjoyed the other evening.

Your friend,

Thorlack (or should I say "Wally")
Thorlack -

Once again I find myself having to admit to being less well read than I thought. I guess I'm going to have to give up my brain candy mystery novels and start reading "grown-up" books at some point. But not quite yet.

I have to admit that the last (non-law) book I completed was a Lemony Snicket book (#12 - the Grim Grotto). The elder child reads them and I've sort of gotten hooked.
I think Mrs Gorilla would be absolutely thrilled that the word "we" would be involved with doing laundry. I have been pretending that I suck at it for so long I am not sure I remember which colors go together or if you can put a bra in the dryer. ;)
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