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Monday, October 23, 2006

Quick Update

Yes, I'm still here.

My mom leaves in just over a week. While I enjoy having her here, it's also somewhat stressful. My mom is a lot more laid back than I am, so sometimes I'm worn out just getting everyone out the door. I've also discovered that I need a certain amount of solitude everyday - something that just doesn't happen when your mom and your 4 year old accompany you everywhere. It also means there's not a lot of time left over for blogging.

I'm being sworn in as an attorney later this week. Thus necessitating a whirlwind trip to the Emerald City. I'd tell you to expect radio silence for a couple of days, but lately that seems to be the norm around here. I'll work on that - after I get back.

Actually, the day after I get back I'll be driving back to Ft Wayne enroute to taking my mom to O'Hare. I'm yanking the kids out of school for the trip and we've got tickets to go see King Tut at the Field Museum. OK, maybe not the "best" parental decision I've ever made (EC's Algebra teacher told her he was "surprised" she'd be out for 3 days), but still.... We'll be staying with my aunt over Halloween. She lives in a pretty ritzy neighborhood so I have high hopes for Halloween haul. Lil Q is quasi-allergic to peanuts, so bring on the Snickers and Baby Ruth bars!

Last week my employment plans got moved up significantly. I thought I'd get to slack off between now and late February. The Air Force had other plans, so it looks like Captain Quandary will ride again on or about the 1st of December. This is a GOOD thing and I'm WAY excited, but it also means that all the doctor, dentist, and orthodontist appointments I thought I'd have several months for must now be crammed into the next 4 weeks. Also - I have a boatload of paperwork to fill out.

I had some bizarre muscle spasms in my back this morning. I chalked this up to stress and had to do some immediate retail therapy. I ended up with this groovy little sweater.

Expect more posting in early November.

My parents loved the King Tut exhibit. I wish I could see it. Have fun.
Oh wow! Call me or email me at work when you have time - I want to hear all about the new and improved plan for JAG!!!
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