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Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Good Day in Sports

Last night was my first experience attending a college volleyball game. I was really surprised at how much fun it was. (Doesn't hurt that our team is ranked #1 in their division and won the game).

In other news - the Red Sox continued their winning streak - yay! Sending them good thoughts, karma, or whatever for Game 2!!! I don't know how any of my professors expect me to be prepared for class tomorrow. Of course maybe if I hadn't spent several hours trying to comprehend 1 case in BusOrgs, I would have actually moved on to the reading for my other 3 classes.

My "words of wisdom": High Court Cases and Summaries is the way to go for BizOrgs!

Cheers, J
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Go Cardinals. We will overcome this minor 2 game setback. grrrr
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