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Monday, September 12, 2005

On Death and Dying

How pathetic is it that I can't bring myself to delete my dad's phone numbers from my cell phone?

Or that I still feel like I should call him? Does that ever go away?

Also - do you think I'll ever get over feeling guilty that I sat at the airport reading a book and didn't even think to call the hospital to check on him until I got their message that he had already died?

Not pathetic at all.

No, it doesn't go away, it just lessens.

Yes, you will stop feeling guilty if you let yourself.
It isn't quite the same, but I have a friend who died a couple years ago and I still have his AOL handle on my buddy list. I do not plan on deleting it. Same thing with his email
I'm so sorry, LQ. It will get better, I promise. And, don't blame you. Guilt is useless. Work on letting go of that.
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