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Sunday, December 11, 2005


2 exams and a paper down. 2 exams to go.

I just finished up (I think) my Environmental Law paper. Truth be told, I'd much rather do research papers or memos than take finals. I probably work harder on a paper, but I also feel like the end product is usually much more representative of my abilities.

As I mentioned, the Crim Pro exam was truly craptacular. This does not make me happy.

Commercial Trans went much better, though I'm fairly confident there's one question on Negotiable Instruments I completely flubbed. Also, I don't think I mentioned "Holder in Due Course" at all. That'll probably cost me a few points. But at least I went into that exam with 15% of my grade sitting at an A-.

So...Family Law on Wednesday followed by Labor Law on Saturday.

Just for the record, 2PM finals on a Saturday are just cruel and unusual. But at least they're not as bad as Sunday finals. to celebrate with some ice cream.

FYI I went out last night and bought myself an 12" cheesecake.

Something I never get to eat because NO ONE ELSE in the house likes it.

Maybe I'll bake myself one, slice it up and freeze it. Then I'll always know I've got at least one treat all to myself.
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