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Thursday, May 25, 2006

LQ's Question of the Day

Question Courtesy of Mr. Q -

Quick - you have to move away. Name any city in the world that you've never visited where you'd establish your new home.

This might be cheating because Mr. Q has visited, but I'm going to say Adelaide, Australia. They speak English, it is in the middle of wine growing country, and it just looks beautiful and clean. Australia in general doesn't seem nearly as crowded as the U.S - and for an anti-social person like me, that's a good thing.

Also - mmmm...Australia accents. I'd hate being called a "Yank" at first, but would likely get used to it.

Your turn.

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I think it would be cool to live in Tokyo!
Boulder, CO, perhaps. Although it concerns me that it doesn't have a convenient ocean nearby.
Easy, portland oregon. I'm obsessed with oregon, never been there (the gorgeous pics I've seen of it did me in) and after the bar we are going on a week long road trip of Oregon to see the whole state! I can't WAIT!
The problem with this question is that I've traveled around the US too much, thus knocking out most major US cities.

I've never been to NYC, but I'm pretty sure the huge number of people would drive me completely up the wall.

I've never been to either Detroit or Atlanta (Airport stops don't count. My blog, my question, my rules.) But I don't know that I'm interest in living in either place anyway.

The U.S. city I think I'd most like to live in is San Luis Obispo, CA. But it wasn't eligible for this question since we used to live about an hour away.
Yeah, I think I've been to too many US cities to play this game in the US. I would DEFINITELY choose Brussels, Belgium. Belgian beer, Belgian chocolate, beautiful countryside, the Sound of Music (I think), and close to Germany. Yeah, I'd love it there.
Actually, I'm pretty sure it was Austria. But that's close to Germany too...
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