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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Study Induced Oblivion

I finally took the headphones off a few minutes ago and looked out the window. My street is blocked off and there's a Sheriff's vehicle with it's lights flashing out in front of my house.

I couldn't see anything immediately wrong, so I walked out and asked why things were blocked off.

Deputy: You just noticed?

LQ: Well, um, just that the street is blocked off.

(looking at me like I'm some kind of idiot) The church down the street caught fire. There's been emergency vehicles in and out of here for the last hour.

Sure enough - when I looked down the street there were about 6 fire and EMT vehicles in front of the church.

We're pretty close to the fire department, so for us to hear sirens at all hours isn't really all that unusual. But seriously, you'd think I'd pick up on something major going on less than 2 blocks away.

You'd be wrong.

You were focused while studying. That is A GOOD THING!!!! That talent will come in handy for bar review :-)
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