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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sir, Step Away From The Uniform

Dear Air Force Uniform Board -

As a former and future airman, I would like to give you a bit of semi-solicited advice.

Leave the Uniform Alone!

First of all, both of the proposed styles are terrible. You *do* already know that members of the other services already make fun of the Air Force, right? These aren't going to help.

Second, see McPeak, Merrill A. He messed with the uniform, and it's the only thing he's remembered for. And I believe the uniform changes are the first thing General Fogelman undid when he took command. Because the original changes were DUMB and McPeak's uniform made us all look like Delta pilots. As a special note to the DNC, the next time you want to show that "yuh huh, we have SO got the support of the military," you might try running commercials with people whose name does not inspire eye rolling among the military members in question.

Finally, and probably most importantly. Uniform changes are something you undertake during peacetime. When you might feel the need to justify a couple of Chief Master Sergeants' existence on the Air Staff. While I don't necessarily expect the general public to notice, as members of one of the joint services, perhaps you've picked up on the fact that we've got a little thing called a WAR going on. Unless the design changes will somehow enhance fighting capabilities, leave it alone. You're screwing around with the Service Dress. On a day-to-day basis, this is probably the uniform combination worn LEAST by the people actually doing any fighting.

What's the mission of the Air Force? To kill people and break things, you say? Unless you're killing people and breaking up the conference rooms of the Pentagon, these uniform changes do NOTHING to help you achieve your mission.

Put it away and revisit the issue when you come to your senses.

You said you wanted input.

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