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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Good News Is...

I might actually pass the Professional Responsibility part of the bar. (Yes, I took the MPRE and passed. No, my state doesn't care.)

The bad news...I'm still pretty shaky on Torts and Contracts and probably several other subjects. Oddly, I seem to be doing mostly ok on CivPro - my arch-nemesis from 1L. I chalk that up to the fact that my CivPro prof may or may not have been a total psycho.

Or possibly that CivPro really isn't nearly as hard as the 1L profs would have you believe.

I owuld love to believe its the latter.
I'm finding there are a lot of subjects where barbri has simplified it waaaaaay down. I'm thinking, sheesh, I wish the erie docrine was two sentences in law school. Civ pro seems more doable to me too now.
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