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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Was It Something I Said?

Where'd everyone go?

It seems like no one is ever online or comments anymore. Either that or you've all got me blocked on IM. Not that I totally blame you, since I know the whole complaining about Bar/Bri thing gets old. Fast.

It's just...I miss you all. Because let's face it, misery loves company - and what could be more miserable than TWO people studying Secured Transactions? (Answer: Two people studying Commercial Paper.)

Anyway. Just thought you should know.



Haha...I know where I'm at - BarBri - and no computers there!! Then studying - and I'm scared to IM because I'm already so far behind. I'll try to remember to turn it on in the afternoons though. In the evenings I usually meet up with a couple of people to study at a coffee shop, and, once again, no email. Boo!
still here
Not doing Bar/Bri, thank goodness. But I'm not sure the write-on competition is much better.
I am still here. Read you when I can. You know.

BTW - Happy Anniversary!
And I, signora, was flat broke in Italy and couldn't afford daily internet access (more like biweekly). Now I am back...with a jet lag.
I'm here :-) I've just been busy, and out of town, and dealt with a plague of locusts, there was an earthquake...

But I'm here now. That counts for something right?
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