Legal Quandary

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm now a sworn-in member of my state bar. Official order still pending.

Whirlwind trips to Seattle and Chicago within 1 week = muy tired.

Saw King Tut (still dead) and multiple dinosaurs (also still dead) at the Field Museum.

Carved 2 pumpkins, painted 3 more, and Trick-or-Treated with the kids. Very cold. Warmed up with some Mexican Hot Chocolate. Got a Molinillo and a package of chocolate as a gift. Very cool.

Mom is safely back in Germany. We made it safely back home. Mr. Q had roses for all 3 of us - he's the coolest. He also had bars of Godiva AND tickets to a fancy schmancy wine tasting tomorrow night for me. =)

Drank 3 glasses of a very nice Pinot Noir tonight. I plan to sleep very well very soon.

So, now that you're all done, are you going to go the way of other grads and give up the blog?
Sounds peaceful where you are (spiritually, emotionally and physically). Congratulations.

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