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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lil Q Is A Red Sox Fan

Mr. Q is a devoted baseball fan. He really likes the A's and the Mariners. Sometimes the Cubs (though that might be for my sake.) Other than that though, I sometimes have a hard time figuring out which team he wants to win. Take this year's World Series for example. I've seen him cheer for Boston in the past, so naturally I assumed he'd be rooting for them to win it this year.

Nope. I asked him for a reason, but couldn't really follow the response. I think it had something to do with the team's division, whether the Yankees were playing, and who was the underdog. It might have also involved chicken entrails and tea leaves, but I can't be sure.

Lil Q decided early on that she was cheering for the Red Sox, and despite the fact that she pasted a picture of a baseball onto her "dislikes" box when she was the "Star of the Week," she's insisted on watching all of the games. More accurately - she's insisted on watching the start of all the games. She'll watch for about an inning, cheer for the Sox, and then roll over and fall asleep after murmuring "Red Sox." Now there's a real fan, who can confidently declare that her team will be victorious and immediately fall into an untroubled sleep.

She's a funny kid. But apparently also better at predicting the outcome of games than her dad.

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