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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Rare (For Me) Law Geek Moment

Emails from the ABA don't usually do much for me. Every once in awhile, one will contain a bit of information that I might pass on to some of the other captains in my office. (Or more likely, I'll THINK about passing it along, but won't actually do it.)

So I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I actually got pretty excited by a book announcement for "The Judge Advocate General School's Guide to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act." It's put out by the Army JAG School, but is available online through the ABA here. Since the only people who might even be remotely interested in this book are probably active duty military personnel, you'd be better off calling 800-285-2221 and getting a copy for $9.50 instead of the normal price of $20.

Since I field questions on this statute pretty regularly and our class on the SCRA at JASOC consisted of reviewing the statute section by section (not really that helpful), I actually plan to order a copy for myself.

And that will be the first law related book I've purchased since law school. Proving I'm not really that much of a law geek afterall.


Update 7/23/07:

I just found out today that all this information is available for free from the Army JAG School itself. (Available in .pdf form here.) The ABA gets the materials under FOIA and then sells it to its members.

Legal, yes. But I'm pretty sure that's not what Congress had in mind when it enacted the Freedom of Information Act.


I saw that announcement and thought of you. And that I don't do any of that type of law. :)
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