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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Sent A Man To Jail This Week


My first punitive discharge with confinement.

Now that I've had some time...

E. McPan asked if the result was a good thing. I think I can honestly say it was - now that I've had a couple of days to reflect.

At first I was feeling a bit conflicted because, well...I sent someone to jail. It's all well and good when you're in law school or doing moot court exercises and asking the "jury" to "punish" someone. It's different when you do it in real life and the jury comes back with a sentence, the confinement folks come and put on the handcuffs - and you realize that you played a role in changing someone's life forever.

So for the first day or so I had mixed feelings about the result. BUT then...I was discussing the case with someone from my office, and after I detailed everything I realized that my role in the events leading to jail time was only incidental.

And I *did* totally rock my closing argument, if I do say so myself.


Feels so good doesn't it?
Oooh, you're a scary woman now. :)
Yay! (Wait, that is good, right?)
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