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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My Freaky Obsession

I went grocery shopping yesterday. As freaky as it seems - I love grocery shopping. I could care less about shopping for clothes, but there's just something about wandering the aisles of a grocery store that's so satisfying. At least it would be if all the other people would get the hell out. Also, although I am a terrible housekeeper, I am extremely picky about my kitchen and pantry. I even shop very neatly. It's sick.

When I'm not in school, I go so far as to plan out menus for 2 weeks at a time, and I write out long shopping lists of all the ingredients I'll need. Usually before school starts, I'll cook up huge (10-12 quarts) batches of spaghetti sauce and a couple of different kinds of soup so I can freeze them. I also make up between 10 and 12 dozen cookies that I freeze in little balls on cookie sheets and then put into gallon sized freezer bags. Baked beans, lasagne, stuffed shells, calzones, chili - all get cooked up in advance so we have some quick meals available during the weeks when all hell breaks loose.

Unfortunately, food is probably the only part of my life that is well organized, but I thought I would showcase this freaky little part of my life just for you. I know you're not laughing at me. Well, maybe you are, but it's only because you feel intimidated by my culinary weirdness prowess...

I am incredibly intimidated by your culinary prowess. Can I hire you? I am culinarily-challenged. :o)
I used to be like that. Then I went on a massive diet. But I do miss grocery shopping for "real" food that I'm going to make.

PS - you may cook for me and THL anytime.
I'm always happy to cook =) Just give me about 3 hours notice if you'll be in the neighborhood.
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