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Friday, January 21, 2005

Federal Courts – Not as Bad As I Thought

After the first week or so I had decided that a more appropriate title for this class was "Civil Procedure’s Greatest Hits". And I detested Civ Pro. And by detest I mean hate with a passion. I would shoot it on sight if I thought it would do any good and I could get away with it.

But I have to say that even though the textbook leaves much to be desired, (thanks otis for the link), and our prof assigns totally unreasonable amounts of reading each and every night, I have to say I’m finding it pretty interesting. Oh – and add to that, the fact that the professor prowls around the front of the room like it’s he's on a fashion runway. (I’ve been told that he is as gay as the day is long. I feel compelled to add the obligatory Seinfeld “not that there’s anything wrong with that” here, but you’d think he’d dress a little better. Lime green shirts are ugly on anyone.)

A friend provided me with a kick-ass outline. I have a Nutshell on order. And I seem to understand what the prof is talking about. Which leads me to believe at least one of the following may be true:

- I’ve gotten smarter in the last year
- My Fed Courts professor is better at explaining than my Civ Pro professor was
- Some of what I was supposed to learn last year finally sank it
- My Civ Pro professor was a complete psycho
- I am completely delusional

So, the point of this post (if you can call it that), is that I’m not hating the class nearly as much as I thought I would.*

At any rate - going out to celebrate tonight with a friend who just got engaged. Expect no posting.

*I reserve the right to change this opinion for any reason at any time. Or for no reason at all. Kind of like employment at will, but as applied to opinions. I especially reserve this right if the final sucks and I do poorly on it.

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