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Thursday, January 20, 2005

That is One Butch Chick!

I saw The Hot Librarian's post on her frustrations with the Gender Genie and the fact that it incorrectly identifies her as a male. Of course, I had to try it out.

After submitting several blog entries (all but one of which Gender Genie correctly identified as having been written by a female), I noticed the note stating "the genie works best on texts of more than 500 words). So I submitted a substantial section of the last paper E.Spat and I wrote together, only to discover that E.Spat and I are apparently both male.

When I tried to explain to the genie that it was mistaken, it just said "That is One Butch Chick!"

I'll let you draw your own conclusions about female attorneys.

4/5 of my posts (500+, even...I follow directions) were also "male." What a rip.
Yeah - directions. Not my strong suit. Maybe I really AM a guy.

How weird for Mr. Q.
I put in a bunch of different things I've written. Anything legal was supposedly written by a man. The non-legal stuff was more or less accurate. That's a little disturbing for a feminist law student. What is the law doing to me?
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