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Monday, January 31, 2005

Looking for a Little Positive Energy...

Mama Q is having hip replacement surgery in the morning. She's probably going in to surgery right about now, since she's in Germany. Unfortunately (and obviously), I can't be there.

But I am asking for all the prayers/good thoughts/positive energy/wishes for a speedy recovery you can send her way.


Update: There was an email from my dad waiting for me when I got to school this morning. The surgery took a little more than an hour, and everything seems to have gone ok. She'll be in ICU until tomorrow morning, and will be in the hospital for another 12 days after that. (It's Germany - people stay in the hospital much longer than in the States).

Thanks so much for the positive thoughts...please keep them coming to guarantee a speedy recovery.

Sending positive thoughts your way.
Sending mega positive thoughts for Mama Q!
Sending good vibes across the ocean.
You're getting all the good vibes I can spare!
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