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Saturday, January 15, 2005

That Sucks.

I see people posting about how they're the #1 Google search for one thing or another. And the point is that all their searches are funny. Do you know what I'm the #1 Google search for???


That's so damned lame!

On a side note - only 9 more shopping days til my birthday.

Update: I am also the #1 Google search for "Legalize Frostitution." I guess that's a little less lame.

How *do* people know what search terms their blogs turn up for? I mean, it's hard to imagine they'd do it just by trial and elimination...How many gazillion hours did you have to do it to find out it was BusOrgs?? Or is there some sophisticated software that just spits out the answer?
I don't know about other people, but I just use the trial and error method. Statcounter's keyword doesn't really help me, since it's almost always blank :S. I guess what this blog needs is a theme.
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