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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Whole New Lease on Life

Well, almost...

- The Hair Appointment - a tentative success! She seemed to do everything right (without being told). Yay! I'm reserving the right to be unhappy after I have to arrange this mop tomorrow morning, but right now it looks better than it has in a long time! If I had a new lipstick or lip gloss, I WOULD have a whole new lease on life. Well, maybe I'd have to add a manicure and pedicure. I heart pedicures!

- I have decided that I am no longer hypothetically angry, and have removed that post. Two people guessed correctly as to both the crime and the perpetrator. That is, if there were a crime and perpetrator. Which there wasn't, because it was only a hypothetical. Geesh - get with the program already.

- A big thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Yay - you guys are awesome. Also, thanks to Denise at Life, Law & Gender and everyone else who has linked to me recently. I will continue on my quest for interesting quizzes, etc, to appease you all! But not tonight because I am an "expert" tomorrow in Evidence, and thus must continue to teach myself the basic rules of hearsay. I would expect light posting. But who knows? Maybe the Evidence Gods will be in attendance tonight and I'll intuitively understand everything.

I'm sorry, but the phrase "I heart pedicures" is sooooooo NOT you, I can't help but wonder if you are some kind if alien LQ ghost writer!

-Have we grown that far apart? Is it all of the "adult" talk you have been getting used to? Is it your well-spoken, much more polite Mr Quandary? Are the democrats getting to you?

-Suggested re-phrasing: I (frickin') love pedicures! ;)
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