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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


My Fed Cts professor just compared Qui Tam actions to Boba Fett - you know…from Star Wars.

As if this class wasn't geeky enough.

qui tem and boba fett!?!?? in fed courts... i could think of some judges that... oh, but i won't go there.

hello legal quandry.

i found your blog through another law student's blog...

as far as d.c. area, i have lived there in virginia, marland and the district. i was happiest in virginia as a low wage earner (ie. working for the feds)... but it can be rather steep in price... do you know where you'll be working?

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Okay, curiosity piqued. How, exactly, is boba fett an analogy to a qui tam relator?

The relator is doing the government's work for them? The relator is like a hired gun ... except how he's not?
Well...he never said it was a perfect analogy, but yes, it was along the lines of being a bounty hunter who gets a "cut" of whatever the govt is able to recover. We were talking about sovereign immunity and whether individual parties could get around it by having the United States bring suit. Qui tam was sort of an extension of that...
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