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Sunday, February 20, 2005

I Wonder...

or is that wander?

As I sit here trying to compose my portion of the next-to-last Evidence paper ESpat and I will (hopefully) ever write together*, I find myself wondering why, if Starbucks can make a sugar-free vanilla syrup, and a sugar-free hazelnut syrup, they cannot make a sugar-free chocolate syrup. I asked one of the "partners" once, and he said "probably because it wouldn't taste very good." As a person who has sampled the occasional (read: only during Lent) Sugar-free Vanilla Latte, I would submit that lack of superior flavor is definitely not what's stopping them.

Because some days, a girl just needs a mocha. That's right - I said I NEED a mocha.

* nothing against ESpat - the class is finally wrapping up. Also - this paper is a bit bizarre because I'm writing my part while she's just over 2000 miles away at M's wedding. Or rather, recovering from M's wedding, since I'm sure she had a fantabulous time!

I bought some sugar-free chocolate Hershey's syrup (which probably isn't the gold standard but still, sugar-free) and it sort of had a metallic taste to me. My husband ordered me to get regular from now on and we'd just use sugar-free whipped topping instead (can't tell the difference).
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