Legal Quandary

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Is it a bad sign...

When your day starts with your house being raided by police and FBI agents?

I passed this scene when I drove EC to school yesterday morning. It's less than a block from where I park my car to catch the bus. Fabulous.

On the other hand, I guess if I ever feel the need for some heavy firepower, now I know where to knock.

Nah. Mr. McP came home one day and looked out the back door (glass sliding doors). He was shocked to see SWAT sharpshooters and stuff leaning over a fence a couple doors down and other guys crouched around. There weren't any police cars or anything. He actually took some pictures (I can't leave him alone for 10 minutes, can I?). We never did figure out what was going on. I guess it sort of disturbed me that the police never even set up a perimeter or anything. You could have got shot just taking a walk!
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