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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Thanks =)

Thank you to everyone who left comments, sent emails, or IM'd me after my tortured post the other night. I really appreciate it.

I went to the gym yesterday, had a long talk with Mr. Q about future plans (thumbs up!), and got a really good night's sleep - and things are looking much brighter today. Or at least they would be if I wasn't stuck at school writing a series of papers.

So - I have one question...are you guys my friends? I only ask because it seems a little weird to refer to you all as my "friends" when I've never met most of you face-to-face. On the other hand, it seems so lame to refer to you as "some people I correspond with on the internet."

But if that's the case, I shall be forced to refer to you collectively as Lafawnduh. Fair warning.

It's weird, but we're often closer to online people than to many real people. We make the effort to write our comments, IM each other, email each other. We take the time to do those things and friendship has an effort requirement I feel. We, on the blogosphere, see that and feel that effort.

I've tried to know the people around me in real life. When they don't make the effort I know nothing about them and can't call them friends even when we've been around for several years now.

Go figure.
Yes, we are your friends! But I'll answer to Lafawnduh if necessary.
I would like to think of us as friends. I know that I've had the opportunity to meet several other bloggers over the past year and, each time, it was as if we had been friends for years. I have two invitations to visit blogger friends during my travels this summer -- attend one wedding on one coast and hang out with another blogger and family on the other. I guess we always have the option to be someone other than who we really are when we blog and when we respond to posts, but I always tend to just put it all out there and I tend to believe (for better or worse) that others do as well. So, in my estimation,like Brian said, we put forth the effort to be friends and that makes us friends.

I'll also answer to Lafawnduh. ;)
It's very weird when I talk to other people about "friends" from blawgdom. I tend to just say that it is someone I know who goes to another law school.

But, I do consider people from the blawgosphere "friends."
Yes, blogfriends are friends. Lafawnduh works, too.
For the record, I will not be answering to Lafawndah.
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