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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Also Sadly Accurate.

EC just took the Sorting Hat Quiz. Given what I just posted about her, this looks about right.

You are a Ravenclaw!!! You're a smart-ass, pure and
simple. You know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING,
and you are NEVER wrong. Believe it if you want
to, but it's NOT the case. Never has been and
never will be. You're just stuck in a fantasy
world that even Harry Potter cannot rival.
Oh...and you are so get
the picture.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

We took a similar quiz a month or so ago. It told us which character we were most like. The girls and I were all Harry Potter himself, and my poor poor partner (or poor us?) was Percy Weasley. He hasn't read the books yet, and we tried to take the sting of living with a Percy off by saying that if he *had* read the books, he would have answered differently, knowing what the questions were going for. Right?
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