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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Because Meretricious Relationship

Sounds so much better than "I'm just using him for the sex."

To the folks who found LQ today doing google searches - welcome!

I'm not sure who I'm more excited about...

My UK visitor who searched for "legal implications of a tower crane," you were very very dedicated to find me. I got through 10 pages and gave up looking. I'm guessing you weren't looking for photos of my child prodigy's architectural creations though.

My Sacramento visitor who searched for "drunk off mouthwash." I'm sooo very proud to report that I am the #7 google search for that particular phrase (and probably moving up fast, since I just typed it again. Drunk off mouthwash - hah!) I notice, dear reader, that you did not stay long. Did I say something to offend? Or perhaps I didn't include enough tips on how best to get drunk off mouthwash. Does one take it "neat" or "on the rocks" to affect the greater buzz? I would go with straight shots, since mouthwash doesn't qualify as a "sipping liqueur." Which brands are best for getting drunk off mouthwash? My guess would be Listerine just based on the flavor and the general burning sensation I get whenever I gargle, but I don't base that on any kind of scientific data. I DO know that Rembrandt mouthwash (aside from tasting nasty) contains NO alcohol, so if a buzz is what you're after, avoid that brand.

Oh - and if you do go with Listerine - avoid the Orange flavor. E. McPan and I don't recommend it.

Mouthwash? Let me know when you get to the hard stuff, like Ketchup wine. Or C-ration mash whiskey.
Oooh...that's right - you are the expert on making your own fermented brews using whatever ingredients happen to be available. Are you interested in doing a guest post on the subject? I'm sure it would be entertaining...
I've been drunk off mouthwash quite a few times. Well, actually, drunk off vodka disguised as mouthwash. Back in high school, whenever I was on a band trip, I'd fill a bottle of Scope with vodka and add a few drops of green food coloring. It was spectacular.
Legally Intoxicated - You sound just like the kind of guy I would have hung out with on band trips! Ya gotta love a guy who thinks ahead...
A guest post sounds interesting - although posts are so sparse on my own blog that I'd probably prefer a dual-post. As a point of clarification, I must say we never used just any ingredients that "happened to be available" - but only the best US government issue grape jelly, top of the line condiments, etc. I'll be in touch shortly (like this weekend - gotta go check my mash).
Legally Intoxicated, how could you not write a post about your band experiences, drunk or not? I so totally asked everyone to do it.

/whining and wheedling
Ouch. I guess that last comment could apply to me as well, since I didn't post about band experiences either. I remember thinking about commenting, but ultimately not doing it because I was "only" in the color guard, and didn't know if that counted.

If it did, then mea culpa, E.
lol yeah... I got here by searching for that too, but just cause I was reading some articule about a lady who got caught for drinking it and drinking!

Hmmmm... Maybe I'll do a full post with "drunk off mouthway drunk off mouthwash drunk... (ad nauseum)" on my blog. I mean -- If it gets you that many hits, why not?! I'll give you a hint too, type "catchy slogans" somewhere on your site. That was a good word combo for my searchability at one point :)
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