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Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'm Finding

That as the quarter progresses I tend to swear in my notes more.

For example:

My most recent Admin law notes section is entitled "WTF is Arbitrary and Capricious Anyway?"

The first line of notes in the same section says "APA seems to call for de novo review…pretty much whenever the ct damned well feels like it (APA § 706)"

And later, discussing the Overton Park decision. "Fact that Congress issued statutes on the protection of parklands is an indicator that they found it to be pretty f***ing important."

Not that these are by any means extremely vulgar or anything. Just sort of a reflection of my state of mind, I guess. I think I swear more in person at this point of the quarter/year too.

McPan, I'm so jealous you're done with this shit.

Uh...what can I say except "America, Fuck Yeah!"? (you the spirit of things and all)
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