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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Late to Class

I was late to my afternoon class today. You may wonder why (or not – but humor me).

Was it because I left school at lunch to go pick my sister-in-law up from the airport?
Nope. But I did pick up my s-i-l. Yay!

Was it because the waitress at the Japanese restaurant we went to for lunch was painfully slow?
No – although she was. The sushi freaking rocked though!

Was traffic particularly bad?
Oooh – you’re getting warmer.

Was there an accident?

Um, not really.

Could it have been that there was a BOAT blocking the freeway exit and backing up traffic for miles on both the freeway and the major cross-street?

A BOOOOOAAAAT! Actually, aYacht. Blocking the freeway because some rich dumbass couldn’t transport the damned thing during hours when it wouldn’t back up traffic when it gets stuck turning onto the major cross-street. Because the people moving it were totally incompetent and got it stuck.

That’s right. A Boat. Backing up traffic on the Freeway for a long time. In a Major U.S. City.

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