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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing

"Remember that I am an ass. Though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass."

Before I came to law school, I would argue just about anything just for the sake of being right. (It's true - just ask my ex-husband).

However, I find that's one of the most distasteful things about the whole law school experience. I am completely surrounded by people who love being right. And most of them are much more deeply vested in the desire, nay, the NEED to be right, than I am.

Except that I just quibbled with a friend over the correct spelling of something. Really for no reason other than to satisfy my desire to be right.

So...sorry to the friend (you know who you are).

The rest of you, just remember that I am an ass.

That will be all.

Tell me you saw Brannagh's version! That is one of my favorite lines in the whole play, and I'll never think of Michael Keaton the same way again. Best acting job he ever did!

And I'm sure your friends forgive you. After all, they know you're in law school. ;)
It WAS the Brannagh version. I like Michael Keaton anyway ( least I did. You know, when he was still acting and stuff. And not in movies that sucked), but he totally made the movie!

Mr. Q walked around for several weeks after we saw it, saying "I am an ass" at somewhat random intervals. It was right after his first trip to visit my family - it's a long and sordid tale...
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