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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Full Moon(s)

EC and I made one of those last minute Sunday-night-because-I-absolutely-need-it-for-school-tomorrow-Mom! shopping trips tonight.

As we pulled into the parking lot, there was a guy wearing those stupidpants (you know - the ones that intentionally are cinched at mid-ass). He was leaning over to get something out of the backseat, and EC and I were treated to affronted with a more or less full view of his heiney. I guess he'd forgotten to wear the boxer shorts that are supposed to be visible over the top.

(By the way gentlemen - when are you going to put that stupid fad to rest? I realize that I am probably not your target audience, but trust me when I tell you that NO ONE really wants to see your underpants. Or even your lack of underpants. Particularly people accompanied by their 11 year daughter. /rant)

Later, as we were about to leave, I needed to powder my nose. The door to the restroom was open and the door faced the sinks and mirrors. As I walked into THE LADIES ROOM, I heard running water - and I don't mean like from a sink. A quick glance at one of the mirrors confirmed that there was, in fact, a man standing in one of the stalls and doing his thing. With the door to the stall wide open.

I turned around and confirmed that I had walked into the Ladies room (I had) and decided to just wait a moment. (He's a guy - how long could it take?) He came out a minute or two later and said "Whoops - I guess I was in the wrong one! I wondered where all the urinals were!" Gee - d'ya think?

I don't think I'm going back to that Target anytime soon.

I am secretly terrified of accidentally walking into the women's room. I always check for urinals to make sure I didn't screw up.
I think that's what I found disturbing. Not that he wandered into the wrong restroom - hey, it happens. But that he noticed the lack of urinals and decided to hang around and do his thing anyway. With the door wide open.
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