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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Another Reason to Get That iPod...

I saw on one of the actual law blogs* that some law professors are thinking of podcasting their lectures.

The law prof posting this development was skeptical, but I have to admit, I would probably be a fan. Even as I speak type, I have a tape of my Commercial Transactions class from last Friday burning a hole languishing waiting for me in my backpack.

I've already more or less become a Westlaw whore this year in my attempt to earn a free iPod. Not an iPod shuffle, mind you, but a real iPod. With lots of memory and stuff. (Though I hear E.Spat loves her iPod shuffle.) I'm still about 5000 points away, and I'd like to take this opportunity to whine mightily about how chintzy Westlaw is being about the points this year. Whaddya mean I can only play trivia once a day, up to 5 times a week??? And for a measly 2000 points tops? Don't you people realize I'll have to stay in law school an extra year at this rate - and THAT'S if I do all the online certifications and shit too!

Anyway. If any of my law profs would like to start podcasting their lectures and just emailing me the powerpoint slides, I'd be happy to just mail my tuition in. Thanks.

* you know - one of the ones run by a law professor who actually discusses the LAW from time to time. Unlike my random nonsensical babble.

I wrote a post about Westlaw being cheap about the points this year too. I'm so annoyed. I'm never going to be able to get the iPod that I was aiming for. Plus, they upped the points necessary to get the f'ing thing. Not cool Westlaw, not cool!
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