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Monday, December 12, 2005

At What Point

Is one drinking too much coffee? (Note: This question is not for those of you who don't like coffee and would always answer "any".)

Two cups? Four? Eight?

Also - how many doughnuts are too many?

What if they're just doughnut holes?

Well....I think I answered my own question.

And 8 cups of coffee is definitely too much. As evidenced by the fact that I was unable to attain sleep until well past 2 a.m. I sat up and read To Kill A Mockingbird for the umpteenth time. I had never read it until about 3 years ago (crazy, I know), but now it's one of those that I just pick up and re-read from time to time. This is the first time I noticed that Jem and Scout always seemed to be in trouble.

Anyway, I'm sluggishly trying to study for my Family Law exam tomorrow. In the interest of sleeping tonight, I've cut back to a mere 6 cups.

I don't measure coffee by cups - I measure by dizziness. When I'm so caffeinated that I can't stand up, I've had too much.
Hmm... did something happen to your template? It looks weird in Firefox.

Coffee -- No more than 2 cups at once, or 4 throughout the day.
Donuts - Just one. Two donuts is like three slices of pizza -- so tempting, but at the end you wish you hadn't gone for the extra one.
Donut holes - Six is too many. Maybe five.
CM - is that five in one sitting? If not, I may be over my limit...
I measure caffeination by dizziness as well(although I don't have coffee)...and I had GIGANTIC donuts for breakfast this morning...and it's true, I wish I hadn't had the second one, but I still did it.
E. Spat, you of all people should realize the potential for dirtiness the phrase Gigantic donuts has.

Just sayin'
LQ - I measure my coffee intake less by dizziness and more by heart-rate per second. If my chest bones start feeling too small, I've had too much.

And this is a little known fact, but donut holes actually negate donuts themselves, so you have to alternate when you eat them. First eat the donut, then a hole. It's like particles and anti-particles coming together and annihilating each other.
i personally did not like family law. so i would say there's no such thing as too much coffee.

but since my exams were over 3 weeks ago (one good thing about the quarter system), I am working on reducing my coffee intake. today's the first day. step 1: moving from espresso drinks to drip coffee. since there's a starbucks on teh first floor of the building i'm working on, chances of success are slim.
Z - you know that drip coffee actually has more caffeine than espresso, right?


So don't feel bad if you fail! =) Plus, I like to think of the milk in my latte/mocha as a buffer to my system. Or at least to my poor stomach.

it makes sense, since espresso shots are itty bitty, and the LARGE peets coffee i got this a.m. was .... well, large.

But it doesn't have a 3 inch thick layer of vanilla flavored high fructose corn syrup at the bottom and then lots of pretty swirly designs of caramel on top.

ho hum.
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