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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

See The Little Child

The one who was told "no bath tonight."

See how she has filled a sink with water and climbed in. And how she's using the handsoap to wash herself.

Note the placement of the file box on top of her footstool.

What you cannot see is the obvious glee she derives from doing exactly as she damned well pleases.

You also can't see that she has a remarkably hairy back. You can't see it because 1) she wouldn't sit still long enough for me to photograph it, and 2) Mr. Q explicitly forbade me from posting any images of of it.

was this a "i'm still NOT in the bath. so this shouldn't be denied" act?
Yeah, well, I'll be the first to admit that I think Lil Q is a born lawyer (read quibbler) if there ever was one.

But I plan on encouraging her to be a dentist.
i see. it made me think of the time i was told not to bike over the back bay bridge in biloxi. so i walked.
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