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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dear Lady in the Pew Behind Us,

That sure is a groovy little disco ringtone you have on your cellphone. I only know because it rang 3 times during Mass.

The truly amazing thing is that not only did you not turn off the ringer after the first time it rang (as people who wish to be polite would do), but that you also answered it twice. During the consecration of the Eucharist, no less!

I saw you go up for Communion, so I know you're Catholic. As a Catholic, you should definitely know better. And if not, the glares you got from everyone around you probably should have clued you in.

Since you appear to need things laid out in no uncertain terms, here it is. Turn your cellphone off in church! You'd do it in a college lecture, a concert, a library, or any other environment where the ringing and ensuing talking might disturb other people. Why not offer God and your fellow parisioners the same respect?

Peace be with you,


I'm pretty sure that person *wouldn't* turn off their phone in a lecture, concert, library, movie theater, etc., so it's too much to ask them to turn it off in church.
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