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Sunday, March 05, 2006

I May Look Like a Normal Person

Legal Disclaimer for Anyone over 60 Who Knows Me: I cannot guarantee your safety or health. If you choose to associate with me, please be aware that you do so entirely at your own risk.

I'm starting to believe that it's quite possible that I am the Angel of Death.

B called me this morning to tell me his dad just passed away. He'd had a heart attack last weekend and was in the hospital. I knew things were pretty serious, but the last time B & I spoke (Thursday), his dad was off the ventilator and the docs were trying to wean him off of the sedatives. Apparently things took a turn for the worse and he went into kidney failure yesterday.

B's parents were always really good to me. They were also the type of older married couple who couldn't keep their hands off one another. You know - the kind who as a kid, made you really uncomfortable because you didn't want to think about them "doing it", but secretly you sort of hoped that you'd be just like them when you got older. They were so cool, that after we broke up, I think I missed them more than I did B. I even went to visit them when I was in Omaha last year.

Please send your thoughts and prayers for B and his mom. They're both devastated.

[Re-posting this comment, which was originally posted in an older entry.]

LQ: Sorry to miss your message earlier. I was taking a power nap. (More like lazy nap).

In response to your old post - you're not the Angel of Death. I just think at this age, it's the time when many of our beloved part. It's hard to accept, but unfortunately it's also part of life. I'm very sorry to hear about B's loss, and your loss (since they're like family).

The "it-might-have-beens"... "could-have-beens"... where do I begin? There are so many paths we could have decided but there's no way to go back and undo our decision. The most important thing is that you have a lovely family, you're happy with your husband, and that you've still managed a good friendship with B. (Though you know all this already).

I find myself in the same situation once in a while. I wondered where I would be if I had chosen to stick with my ex. Would I be in law school? Would I be happy? Would I still have good relationship with my parents? And I learned that you cannot have both (most of the time). So while I wonder, I don't regret the choice I have made (at least, not that particular choice). And I think (correct me if I am wrong) that you feel the same about yours.
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