Legal Quandary

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Gospel of Quandary

Do you know what's better than actually reading assignments?

Having them divinely revealed to you in a dream and/or hallucination.

You know how you always have the most vivid dreams right before the alarm goes off? Well, this morning I was in that super receptive state and the legal god or gods, revealed to me (and to me alone!) the facts and meaning of my assigned but uncompleted reading.

How dare you suggest that they are somehow flawed just because they don't match anything in the book. They were divinely inspired.

Because I am a tolerant prophet I will not totally call you out when you, Mr. Professor, wrongly disagree with the true meaning of my revelations. I will instead benevolently allow you to be wrong.

But consider yourself warned that I might not be quite so merciful once I build a loyal following.

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