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Friday, May 26, 2006

LQ's Question of the Day

Name your favorite TV series in recent history.

We're a bit behind the times here at chez Quandary. We don't have cable and we don't have a DVR. Consequently, our TV viewing is a little limited. Compound that with the fact that we're on the cheap thrifty side. This means we typically don't catch on to most series until Season 1 has made it to the public library.

Hands down - favorite series was Arrested Development. Ok, yeah, so it's been cancelled and they're even holding a Bluth Family Estate sale, but it doesn't mean the show wasn't damned funny.

Mr. Q and I were also pretty hooked on Alias, but the library only has Season 1. Maybe it went downhill after that. I did NOT watch the series finale the other night, since I thought it would ruin things if I missed out on the other 4 seasons. I'm hoping to catch up on the other seasons once the stupid bar exam is over.

Finally, the library recently got in Season 1 of Veronica Mars. Thanks to Brian's praise over at Frazzled Mind, I decided to check it out. Aside from the fact that these kids are all supposedly in high school but act like twenty-somethings, we're pretty hooked. "C'mon now sugar. Bring it on, bring it on" has become a new little catchphrase around our house.

But alas, speaking of frazzled minds, it's essay practice day here. I should get on it. You all should get on the task of talking about tv shows in the comments.

Go to it!

Scrubs and Laguna Beach. I know Laguna Beach is an embarassing admission, but its true. Everyone in law school was addicted to it and we couldn't wait for Monday nights.
Best drama currently on TV is Battlestar Galactica. Dunno if the library will have it though.

The Family Guy is the funniest thing on TV now.

If you want some spooky stuff The Dead Zone is good most of the time or Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Angel.

Those are my most normal pics. The more esoteric stuff I'll IM you on if you want.
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