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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Day 1 - The Recap

There was much bitterness on my part today.

I went out with E.Spat & Friends last night. (That part was bitterness.) We ate at Red Robin and I had the heart attack special - a burger that was much too large with wayyy too many fries dipped in way too much dressing. And a chocolate shake. I felt so sick after leaving the restaurant, and the feeling didn't dissipate. That damned burger sat in my stomach like a rock all night long. That combined with general anxiety made for one sleepless LQ. Which is a shame, because my hotel room bed is super comfy.

We had to register from between 6:30 and 7:25. The lines were long. There's got to be a way where we could just register online the night before (like the airlines) and just show id or something. Or maybe they could throw us a reception the night before...but I forget, the bar exam is not supposed to be a warm & fuzzy experience.

This is also the first year they're allowing us to just laptops to type our exams. So while I appreciate the opportunity (really!), the process was a little, um, disorganized. I think "cluster fuck" were the words I actually used. We started much later than our "we will begin PROMPTLY at" time.

The first 6 questions were (I'm convinced) designed to lull us into a false sense of security, because they really weren't that bad.

They made up for (most) of the time lost in the morning by cutting our lunch down from 60 to 20 minutes. Surprise!

The next 3 questions were from hell.

The convention center has these chairs that make the loudest screeeeetching noise when all 500 people in the room move them across the cement floors during the test. Very grating, even with earplugs.

We're required to upload our test files at the end of every test day. Of course they don't provide you with a wireless connection, so I ended up paying $10 for a day's worth of wireless. (BTW, Sheraton - that's amazingly chintzy on your part.)

I yelled at my husband because he told me to try a particular restaurant and my friend and I couldn't find it. And all I'd had to eat all day were cherries, 2 kudos bars, and gum. Mr. Q is the one person on earth who does not deserve to be yelled at by a calorie deprived and totally irrational spouse.

That's the day in review. More fun to be had by all tomorrow.

And the next day.

You need desert. Something chocolate, like pie. Lots of quick calories and simple.
You can apologize to Mr. Q after the exam is over. We have a free pass to be moody and irrational right now!
That IS sucky from Sheraton. I picked a place that specifically had free wi-fi AND wired hi-speed (since I'm old school and still don't have wireless). It was so nice. At least by posting you're getting more out of that $10/day.

Good luck on the exam today! I know you'll do great!
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