Legal Quandary

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pet Peeve O' The Day

Why is it that when people I don't know call me, they want to pretend they do know me by shortening my name? Usually to something that I don't go by. Ever.

Would you assume, for example, that someone named Elizabeth necessarily wants to be called Beth? Why not Betty? Or Liza? Or Bitsy. Or any other variation?

Then why do you assume that just because my name is "Legal," it's acceptable to call me "Leg?"

What I tend to wonder about is people who shorten my already shortened name. In conversation to get my attention maybe "Cath" is reasonable - my parents, for instance, have summoned me with it all the time, yet obviously only for expediency in colloquial situations - but there are some people who take it upon themselves to address me with it *in writing*. For pete's sake, would it kill you to type the damn "y"???
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