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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sleepless in...

Well, not Seattle. Check back in a little under 2 weeks and that's what I might be.

I hate when I can't sleep.

Part of me feels like I should seize the opportunity and really put some good work in on Wills & Trusts. The other part of me says, "'s 12:15. Do you really want to start that? The only thing that will accomplish is to make you sleepy and stressed out about how much you don't know." *sigh* I can't win here.

Aside from the general bar exam stress, I think there are 2 things keeping me awake.

First, I had guacamole and chips for dinner tonight. And that's all I had for dinner. At about 8:30 PM. I make a damned fine guacamole, but a dish which is basically a fatty fruit mixed with onions, garlic and cilanto atop deep-fried tortillas is not conducive to restful sleep a scant couple of hours later. Blech.

Second, EC is coming home tomorrow. More precisely, we are going to meet up with Roundboy and The Stepmother to collect EC tomorrow. Roundboy has never met Mr. Q. I've never The Stepmother. Sounds like fun, right? Anyone interested in watching this little train wreck unravel in slow motion is welcome to show up at the Jefferson Memorial tomorrow afternoon.

I hope the meeting went...better than expected.
I must need sleep. I read that as "Wills & Trysts."
Breath deeply, smile and nod, and I hope it went well.
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