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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's All Over But The Waiting

Or maybe it's the crying.

Actually, we've got one more session tomorrow with 6 short PR question, but at least I can do a brain dump on the substantive stuff.

For those of you who are interested (I know that's approximately zero of you) here's my take on what the subjects tested on the WA Bar Exam were:

Day 1 - Crim, Sales, Property - Landlord/Tenant/Personal Property, Secured Transactions, Family Law/Community Property, Property (again, this time Easements and Zoning), Admin/ConLaw, Evidence, and Contracts.

Day 2 - Crim Pro, Civ Pro, Corporations, Partnership/Agency, and LLC, Contracts (again), Wills and Trusts, Civ Pro, and Intentional Torts/Defamation, and Negligence/Products Liability.

No Commercial Paper, and yes, they did save both Torts questions for last.

I could be totally wrong in my analysis, but most people I talked to seemed to agree. I think these might even be in order.

The last question was just freaking bizarre.

I hate not having any freaking clue about how I did. Just on the walk home, I discovered 3 issues I probably missed.

Now, who's up for a fun-filled evening of PR studying??? Not me.

YAY! We're almost done - and PR will be worries at all!! We're so ethical it HURTS!!! :) See ya in the morning kiddo.
Be so glad that you didn't have to go through the MBE, it was a horrible experience that should have been suffered by no one.
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