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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

First Day of School! First Day of School!

Ok, not really.

But I did go into my new office a few days ago just to say hello and get an idea of some of the basics (duty hours, where to report, office phone numbers, etc.) I was a little disappointed, but not totally surprised, that they had no idea I was coming. At any rate, met some of my future co-workers and my future boss. Everyone seems nice.

I think I stumbled on an Air Force lawyer urban legend when I asked what uniform to report in. I only asked because when I first came in, the rule was to report in service dress. For my non-military friends, this is equivalent of showing up in a suit on your first day. Anyway, I say this used to be the rule because I came in 1) as a 2nd Lieutenant and you make 2Lt's do lots of things you'd never make anyone else do, 2) during peace time. Things have changed a bit since 9/11 and the new rule is that pretty much everyone wears the camouflage Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU's) all the time unless you have a good reason to be in blues. So, when I asked whether BDU's were ok, the captain I was talking to said that was fine and added "just don't let anyone tell you to show up in Mess Dress. Ha-ha."

Right. Mess dress, for the uninitiated, is the military equivalent of a tux.

I chuckled politely and went on my merry way. Then yesterday, a different captain called me to let me know that they now OFFICIALLY knew I was coming and that he was going to be my sponsor. We chitchatted for a while and I confirmed a couple of details - including the uniform bit. And he again said BDU's were fine, paused, and added "just don't let anyone tell you to show up in Mess Dress. Ha-ha." EXACTLY THE SAME THING the other captain had said.

Is someone out there teaching that "somewhere" in the Air Force "someone" thought it would be a great joke to tell someone to show up for work in a tux? And that "some poor schmuck" actually fell for it?


I've heard of the Navy "first day" prank, where they tell a poor schmuck to go to supply for jet wash but not the mess dress one.
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