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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Some Days Work Feels A Lot Like Law School

I'm seriously considering carrying a backpack to work. You know, for all my homework.

Tonight I came home with a 7 inch (yes, I measured) stack consisting of 2 binders, 5 documents to be reviewed, and a book. OK, so the book was the FAR and accounts for an inch and a half on its own, but still...

It feels like I'm always schlepping heavy stacks of stuff around. Part of the problem is that I work in a different building than most of my co-workers, so if I want to discuss a case with my boss or one of my colleagues, I have to carry all my papers with me. The other part is that even when I'm at my most productive at work, there's still plenty left to do, so I end up bringing work home at least a couple days every week.

Somehow I thought these days were over once I graduated from law school. Or at least when I finished JASOC. The sad part is that I have a very nice briefcase - but my stuff won't all fit in it! (Also, carrying a briefcase in BDU's makes you look like a complete tool.)

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