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Friday, November 26, 2004

I'm Getting Married in the Morning...

For anyone who is confused about that statement - Mr. Quandary and I have been married civilly for about three years. Tomorrow we're having the marriage blessed in the Church. We've only told a few friends & family members, some of whom actually saw us get married the first time at a vineyard in California.

So, for Mr. Quandary - ktily, yy, vs!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone Else!

I hope getting married in a church (ugh) put you in a better, more forgiving mood. Time to let the cat back in the house.

YAY! I hope it went really well and that you guys had a great Thanksgiving! See ya back at school on Monday. :(
The cat has, of course, been let back in the house. He's just not allowed to stay unsupervised. He's pretty old, so I could never actually punish him for any length of time. On the other hand, he still doesn't get to use my furniture as a litter box.
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