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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Can Anybody Tell Me...

Why Mr. Quandary insists on buying low-carb tortillas? Nasty. Absolutely disgusting - as in, not even worth eating.

The Wasabi potato chips, on the other hand, are intriguing. I'm not saying I'll ever buy them again either, but they're at least edible.

Wow, you guys are really into flavors (um, don't take that the wrong way [read: anything NDC might think])...wasabi chips, orange mouthwash, etc.

I suggest wasabi peas - crunchy, spicy, and when you hit what I've designated the "wasabi wall," entertaining.
I'd been meaning to set you straight on wasabi chips for some time now, but I'm not so sure about the low carb tortillas. Perhaps Mr. Q appreciates them because they crumble less and are therefore easier to eat in space (where floating crumbs can get into the air vents for delicate machinery or into astronauts eyes - honest, I read that).
Set me straight in what sense? As far as the low-carb tortillas go - I questioned him about it last night. He even admitted they were awful and vowed never to buy them again. I will be going to Trader Joe's soon to buy regular tortillas, since they are one of 2 places I've found that doesn't load them with all kinds of stuff that's bad for you.

Not that my current diet of coffee, popsicles, and potato chips qualifies as "health food."
Wasabi is one of several Foods of the Gods, right next to vanilla ice cream, coconut milk shakes and butter-drizzled, flame broiled sirloin. It speaks very well of Mr. Q that he recognizes this and takes the proper steps to appease the Food Gods by ensuring that at least one of the Sacred Foods is consumed on what is an apparently regular basis.

Green Peas, on the other hand, are at the bottom of the list and should be consumed sparingly - once a decade of less.
I'm not quite sure why you'd ever eat vanilla ice cream when there's chocolate available. Unless, of course, said ice cream is being used to top something like apple crisp, in which case, vanilla is fine. Also - if you're going to go to the trouble of having steak, why not have a decent cut - something like filet mignon, for example?

I'm just saying.
1) Expensive cuts of steak are just that - expensive!

Besides, the socialist in me looks down on fancy-pants rich folk who only buy the best for their plates - it's all just cow meat anyway.

In my case, the emphasize is on "butter drizzled" - steak is merely the vehicle to bring the butter to my mouth without L.W. chastising me for eating spoonfuls of butter.

2) Chocolate is a candy. The ONLY true ice cream is vanilla.
Absolutely not - re: expensive cuts of meat being just that. There are significant differences in the marbling of the meat. A filet comes from the tenderloin and is more tender and flavorful. Trust me on this.

I don't know about the butter drizzling part. While I'll agree that does add a nice flavor to the meat, I just going eating as much butter as I want with or without Mr. Q's permission, so I don't really need an excuse. Perhaps if you bought decent cuts of meat, you wouldn't NEED to drizzle butter on them.

How dare you imply that chocolate is JUST candy. You obviously just don't understand chocolate's standing in the food hierarchy. It's therefore not even worth explaining. Especially when I still need to explain mergers and appraisal rights to myself.
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