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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Like Top Gun. But Without the Sex and Volleyball.

Actually, not like Top Gun at all.

Tonight Mr. Q and I went to a premiere showing of the new IMAX, FighterPilot: Operation Red Flag.

We got tickets because Mr Q. works with a bunch of muckety-mucks who gave hojillions of dollars to make the film. The invitation included a reception with catered food and an open bar. Of which I did not partake because I have a final tomorrow. (Which of course begs the question as to what the hell I was doing at a movie tonight, but anyway...)

The film itself. Go to the website - it's a decent summary of the plot, right down to the cheesiness. Bottom line - the main character comes off as a bit pathetic. I blame the script. The editing is spotty to bad in a couple of places. By combining really spectacular footage with ho-hum music, they manage to make flying an F-15 seem a little boring - and that takes talent, folks. They make up for it by showing some things getting blown up - which is a definite bonus.

Also, as a former support officer, I appreciate the effort to recognize the fact that it's not ALL about the fighter pilots, but they could have at least made the fighter pilot part seem a little cooler. I mean, "Fighter Pilot" IS right there in the title.

After the movie, they brought up two of the people who were "in" the movie. The guy running the show introduces one of them and says "you might have noticed Suzy Pilot sitting in the right hand seat of the C-17." Right. Because she was so easy to recognize from the back of her head during the whole 3 seconds she was onscreen? The guy then has to practically beg the audience to ask Suzy Pilot a question - and some complete moron asks the standard "are there a lot of women in the Air Force?" question. Although Suzy Pilot had the supreme opportunity to say something along the lines of "I don't know. I'm too busy flying into Iraq and doing my damned job to notice," she came off with a much more politically correct answer. Gah! Probably coached by the Public Affairs officer. Who also failed to tell her that her hair was out of regs.

I'm not saying I hated it, but it'll have a very limited audience.

And would it have killed them to include some hot boys playing volleyball?

It is NEVER a mistake to put in a nice gratuitous volleyball scene. I'm just saying.
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