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Friday, December 10, 2004

Not Much To Say Today

Mainly because 1) Blogger hasn't let me post most of the day and 2) BusOrgs is still kicking my ass.

But the couple of things I do have to say:

1) To the guy who decided that "In Your Eyes" needed to be remade - you suck. Whatever gave you the idea that your sorry no-talent, off-key ass could do better than Peter Gabriel? He's cooler than you'll ever be - even if he is 112.

2) To the people at Albertson's who seem to think that Chocolate Iced Cinnamon Rolls could be improved upon by drizzling Maple flavored frosting on them - you also suck. Despite E. McPan's observation that the Quandary family seems to like flavors, Maple is not among the preferred flavors. Mainly because it's nasty - blech - as in, not even worth eating.

3) Law school sucks. The fact that the faculty is downstairs right now having a party with good food, wine, and beer right now just makes me want to punch someone in the throat.

Maybe I'll think of more to say later.

Dude, the faculty was having a party while the students prepared for finals - in the same building? That's just cold. Seriously.

No doubt. Bastards.
re: "Law school sucks."

ALL grad school and above sucks.

And the only good thing about having both adults in the household going to school is now I don't have to hear "well, you're only going to school while I'm working all day..." any more.
Hah! What I wouldn't give to be working all day again. Just income, people who liked and respected me (at least I think they did), and free time at night.

Ah well...I'm sure I'll look back on this, like OTS, and will be glad to have done it. But it doesn't mean I'll be enjoying the experience much in the mean time.
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Honestly, the faculty party is what pushed me over the edge today. I haven't gotten anything done since I've been home but at least I'm not tempted to drink from the secret beer fridge, get all loaded up, go down there and slice all their throats with my flashcards. Paper cuts for everyone!
I guess I knew about it since Prof BusOrgs so kindly told us about it when scheduling his (what turned out to be less than helpful) review session for this morning. I think I would have at least grabbed a stapler to chase them around their catered buffet tables with.

I think we would have made a pretty good team. Right before they dragged us off in the pretty white coats...
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