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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Cramming for Finals By the Numbers

Number of Starbucks' Venti Nonfat 3-Pump No-Whip Triple Mochas consumed by me today - 1

Number of fabulously greasy "Deluxe" Cheeseburgers from the local burger dive consumed by me today - 2

Number of chocolate shakes from aforementioned burger dive - also 1, but I wish I'd gotten 2 and skipped the fries

Number of Pepsi's consumed by me today - 0, because my school is lame and only stocks the vastly inferior Coca-Cola products (and even those weren't stocked), and the 2-liter I had in the office was flat

Number of hours I've been here today - 11

Number of cases left to review for the class I hate the most this quarter - approximately 612

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