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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Law School Changes You...

I'm currently taking a Deal-Making and Negotiations class in the Business School. I chose to take that class because 1) the law school version was full, and 2) I thought it would be nice to deal with non-law students from time to time (read: undergrads I could roll over in negotiations).

We had a paper due today - a short 10-page or less analysis of a "Real-World" negotiation. It was awesome not to have to cite to anything or worry about whether the Bluebook would agree with how I did it.

When I went to turn it in, though, I realized that my paper looked strange. It's been awhile since I've turned in anything that didn't have a masthead or "issues presented" block at the top of it, yet I seemed to remember my papers looking different when I was an undergrad. Was there something missing????

It's called a title page. Duh.

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