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Sunday, February 13, 2005

News of My Taking A Break Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Ok - I'm back. Yesterday was one of those ohmyGodIhavesomuchtodowhenamIgoingtogetitalldone?! kind of days. Also, apparently this whole de-tox thing makes me really cranky.

To wit:

Friday, I desperately wanted to get some exercise - it's the one day a week where I can realistically fit in into my schedule. I even brought clothes to school. Shampoo, soap, lotion to put in my little "basket" - check. But I ended up forgetting something else that was vital to the plan working out, so I just went home.

I was a beautiful sunny day, so I thought I would pick up EC from school and then we could go for a walk together, enjoy the weather, and have a little mother-daughter bonding time. Multitasking is good, right? Except that I am really meant to exercise alone. I have no patience for people who want to walk slowly (although I hate to run), and once I've started walking, I don't like to stop until I'm done. (We have a plan here, people - just follow the plan!) EC wanted to stop and "stretch" on the bars a few minutes into the walk. I said "no, we just got started" and kept going. This caused EC to pout and lag behind. Meaning, I had to turn around and walk the other way to "catch back" to her every couple of minutes. For 2.8 miles. And it really pissed me off. Our mother-daughter time ended with me laying into her about how this was the first time in 3 months I'd been able to get any exercise and she was ruining it because she was "acting like a selfish little witch." And then I threw my water bottle across the grassy area and she burst into tears. A class act - clearly. Not one of my finer moments in parenting.

At any rate - I'm back. At this point, the de-tox kit has been handed over to Mr. Q, who can do with it what he wants. For my part, I'm going to trade it in for some high fiber cereal and call it good.

ps - thanks to Frolics and Detours for making me feel like I'd be missed.

I knew you'd come back. : ) The lure of entertaining me was just too great.

I didn't last 12 hours in my "hiatus."
That's exactly it! I felt a great cosmic calling, tugging at my conscience through the blogosphere that I wanted - nay, needed - to entertain E. McPan. What can I say - I'm weak.
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